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Member Firearms Insurance
As from 16 August 2016 all financial members have cover for their firearms and/or associated equipment whilst in transit, stored in a locked vehicle and/or building in accordance with State Law.

Traditionally, the responsibility of this insurance purchase has been left to the individual member but now, should you have no cover in place, the Association will provide cover under your memberhip (subject to the terms and conditions of the insurance policy).

This insurance is designed to protect each member up to $12,000 with the option to increase this limit to $25,000 for an additional $10 payable by the member. The policy has an excess of $50 each on every claim and protects members anywhere in Australia, 365 days of the year, plus overseas for 21 days in any one year.

Details or enquiries can be made to our insurance Broker, Marsh Advantage Insurance via: Lauren Coburn or Janine Hook
National Technical Officials for Commonwealth Games
Shooting Australia is requesting suitably qualified National Technical Officials to submit an Expression of Interest Form for those interested in assisting at the Commonwealth Games, 4-15 April 2018 to be held in the Gold Coast.

If you have any questions or need any other information in
relation to this matter, please contact Kerry Waller from Shooting
Australia either via e-mail or on 0402 501 365.