The NSWAPA represents the interests of NSW pistol shooters statewide and nationally through
Pistol Australia (PA), Australia's peak pistol shooting body, with Shooting Australia 
Welcome to the official Web site of the New South Wales
Amateur Pistol Association (NSWAPA) Incorporated.

Here, you will find a wide range of information on:

the history of the NSWAPA,
the political and societal policy initiatives that we are involved
in or support,
the competitive events that we oversee or are associated
with, as well as
regular updates on results, regulations and other pistol
shooting sport related issues.
to promote and coordinate responsible pistol shooting
sports, both competitive and recreational, of all disciplines
within New South Wales, and
to promote and coordinate participation in, and
organisation of statewide competitions supporting
sustainable international success in line with AISL's goals.
Our objectives are:
We are directly responsible for all activities at a State level. We
share a dual responsibility with our affiliated pistol clubs in
keeping open clear lines of communication about State as well as
National issues. If you have any queries with regard to our
activities, your first point of contact is your Club Secretary and
thereafter the NSWAPA Executive Manager.
The information we publish on our Web site is for athletes, as
well as shooting sport interested and enthusiastic fans and
officials. We would like to encourage every visitor to provide
us with any appropriate comments, suggestions or feedback 
to help us grow, evolve and improve our services to the
shooting fraternity and the community-at-large.

NSW Amateur Pistol Association Inc.

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8 Parkview Drive
Sydney Olympic Park, NSW 2127

PO Box 3232
North Strathfield NSW 2137

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